Machine shop

CNC Drilling and Milling

Type: WMW BACAU AFP-160 CNC (Siemens 8400)
Axis: X - 9000mm , Y - 4000mm , Z+W : 800 + 1000mm
Max. load: 40 tons

Type: WMW BACAU FK-1000 CNC (Simens 840C)
Axis: X: 3000mm , Y: 1800mm , Z+W : 500 + 1000mm
​Max. load: 25 tons

CNC Machining Centre 

Type: DOOSAN HM 1000
Axis: X: 1500mm , Y: 1200mm
​Max. load: 3 tons
Tool magazine: 120
2 pallets

Type: Mori Seiki NHX8800
Axis: X - 1000mm , Y - 1000mm
​Max. load: 1.5 tons
Tool magazine: 120
2 pallets

CNC Vertical Turning w/drilling and milling unit: 

Max. diameter: 2300mm
Max. height: 2000mm
Max. load: 25 tons
Tool magazine 20

Type: Mori-Seike (FANUC)
Max. diameter: 1500mm
Max. height: 1100mm
Max. load: 15 tons
Tool magazine 120

Type: TVL-12
Max. diameter: 1300mm
Max. height: 1600mm
Max. load: 15 tons
Tool magazine 10

CNC Turning: 

Type: GURUTZPE B1400 CNC (Fagor 8050)
Max. load: 15 tons
Max. dimensions: Diameter - 1600mm , Length - 10000mm
Inside turning: Min. Ø200 - L = 1700mm , Min. Ø130 - L = 1200mm

CNC Turning, Milling and Drilling: 

Type: PUMA 700 LY (Fanuc)
Axis: X: 950mm, Y: 100mm +/- , Z(length): 3000mm
Max. load: 2 tons
Turret 12 tools

CNC Turning and Drilling 

Type: PUMA 700 (Fanuc)
Axis: X: 950mm , Z(length): 3200mm
Max. load: 2 tons
Turret 12 tools

Type: PUMA 700* (Fanuc)
Axis: X: 950mm , Z(length): 3000mm
Max. load: 2 tons
​Turret 12 tools

Type: PUMA 400 (Fanuc)
Axis: X:500mm , Z(length): 2000mm
Max. load: 2 tons
​Turret 12 tools

Manual Milling

Dim : 1500mm x 1500mm

Magnet Tables 

Dim: Ø1200mm-From Ø50- Ø1250mm

Manual Vertical Turning

Dim: Ø1300 Heigth: 800mm

Manual Turning Machine 

Dim: Max: Ø350mm, L=8000 mm 


Ø 1000mm

Center drill shaft

Ø28/Ø125mm Length: 3000mm 

Control Department:

Quality- and Dimension Control
Measurement on site
Reverse Engineering

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