SYSTEM FOR QA-, HSE- AND ENVIRONMENT                                                                                                                                                                                          30/01/2017 

Kvenna EMT AS have established and implemented a documented system for control of all processes, regarding quality assurance, health-, safety- and environment, and protection of the external environment. 

The quality assurance system (QA) ensures that all the processes are controlled and documented according to the defined company quality requirements and the customer’s requirements. The system is documented and certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001.

The health-, safety- and environment system (HSE) ensures that the work environment is in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and standards. It ensures the quality of the work environment for the employees, so injuries and losses can be avoided, and contributes to good working habits, good co-operation and safe working conditions. The HSE system is established according to the Work Environment Act and the Internal Control Regulations.

The environmental management system ensures control with all situations that can affect the external environment, and gives a good overview of all environmental aspects affecting the company’s processes. The system will further ensure conformity with all requirements regarding the external environment. The system is documented and certified according to NS-EN ISO 14001.

The company have established a set of Codes of Conduct, describing requirements and expectations from the company to the employees, with regard to behavior towards colleagues, customers, suppliers and the society in general.

In addition to certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the company is approved by the qualification systems Achilles and Sellihca.


Novela Teknologi buys Bandak Engineering                                                                                                                                                                                          05/09/2016
The Company name will be changed to Kvenna EMT AS

Novela Teknologi AS has entered into an agreement with DNB and the bankruptcy estate of Bandak Group for takeover of 100% of the shares of Bandak Engineering AS. New capital will be provided by Novela Teknologi and its co-investors to ensure further operation and secure the unique competence in the company.

Bandak Engineering is a supplier of products and services to clients within the marine-, offshore and subsea markets.

Bandak Engineering AS, former Liaaen Teknologi AS, was until recently, a part of Bandak Group. After the bankruptcy of the parent company, Bandak Group AS,           in June, the operation of Bandak Engineering AS has been further continued by DNB Bank ASA, awaiting the entering of new owners.

Bandak Engineering AS is located on Kvennaneset in Ålesund, and is based on industrial traditions back to 1861. Today Bandak Engineering represents a strong and extensive competence within engineering and development, high precision machining and holds well suited facilities for assembly and testing of complex products and deliveries. The company has in excess of 40 employees and the turnover in 2015 was NOK 83 million.

«It is exciting with new and motivated local owners that wish to offer their competence and network. I am confident that we, together with Novela Teknologi, will see  a further positive development of the company in the years ahead. Our largest asset in the company is our employees, who`s reputation is well established in the market. This will be the start of a new era with large opportunities ahead, together with Novela Teknologi», says Erik Rongved, acting CEO in Bandak Engineering.

 «We have been in close dialogue with the management of Bandak Engineering through the summer and are impressed by the quality and competence held by the company. The company has a long history and a strong market position locally, nationally and internationally for its products and services towards leading customers within the marine, offshore and subsea markets. We are proud to contribute by providing new locally based owners, and to get the opportunity to further develop and prepare the company for further growth together with the employees», says Lasse V. Kjønstad, responsible for investments in Novela AS.   

About  Bandak Engineering AS:

The engineering- and development department provides technology development to customers both nationally and internationally and holds an extensive competence within design, analysis and verification work. The product and contracting department delivers complete products and equipment packages to the leading contractors within the subsea market. The production department is a well recognized supplier of machining services within the maritime cluster and the subsea industry. The company is also engaged in services and maintenance for hydropower plants.

About  Novela Teknologi AS:

Novela Teknologi AS is a newly established company owned by Novela AS and its co-investors.  

Novela AS is an Ålesund based investment company with a strategy to invest in companies in the Northwestern region of Norway. Novela is an active owner, working closely with each individual company to enhance growth and  develop and visualize values. The owners of Novela are regionally based resource persons holding a wide competence, unique experience and an extensive network.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Rongved, CEO Bandak Engineering AS.                                                         + 47 416 46 787

Ivar Nesset, CEO Novela Management AS.                                                            + 47 908 41 775

Lasse V. Kjønstad, Investment director Novela Management AS                      + 47 404 80 367