Kvenna Torque Tool 400 (TT400) - Delivery complete

Published: 14/04/2020 Updated: 02/06/2020
Torque Tool 400 - Delivery complete

Kvenna EMT is proud to announce the successful delivery of our Torque Tool 400 (TT400)  to Gorgon Stage 2 Project in Australia. This Torque Tool is delivered with different torque capacities, 20 - 400 kNm. Typical torque during normal operation will be 200 kNm, and the Torque Tool has a maximum torque capasity of 400 kNm. The TT400 is ROV operated, and is designed to be reliable and efficient during operation. This provides cost savings in connection with the operation of the tool.

Our Torque Tools are delivered with Subsea Deployment Basket, Transportation Skid, Calibration Unit, Pressure Caps, Protection Caps and Control System.  All products has been evaluated through pressure testing and functional testing (FAT), according to customer requirements.

We are looking forward to the next delivery.