Kvenna EMT has a range of own developed products for subsea use, such as Soft Landing Cylinders, Hydraulic Levelling Jacks, Torque Tools, Pressure caps and many more.

The Kvenna EMT Soft Landing Cylinder design is based on a continuous damping element. This results in a smooth damper reaction with good control of the reaction force.
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Kvenna EMT has designed hydraulic-mechanic subsea valve operator to operate large ball valves. The torque tools are delivered with different torque capacities, and can operate ball valves from size 20" to 34". Maximum torque capacity of 1000 kNm. Torque Tools, Presure Caps and Protection Caps are  all designed to fit the Kvenna EMT top work interface flange and Kvenna EMT stem adapter.
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The pressure caps are designed to provide an additional extended seal barrier in case of stem seal leakage from subsea valves.  The caps are installed subsea by WROV and is locked in place by 90º rotation of the cap by ROV handle. Pressure is equalized before retrieval.
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Designed for temporary elevation of subsea equipment and structures. Robust and compact hydraulic cylinders for reliable leveling for example in a tie in and connection operation.
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Metal stem seals designed by Kvenna EMT AS for subsea application fully qualified according to API 6A (ISO 10423) PR2 and class 2 sandy service. Metal seals were introduced early to improve reliablility of subsea valves and connections. Increase in pressure and temperature ratings have further enhanced the need for metallic sealing solutions. Kvenna EMT has proven designs for multiple sealing needs, including stem seals and radial body/bonnet seals for low pre-tension solution.
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